For the last two decades I have been studying interactions and relationships between genders, cultures, and objects, seeking to understand the psychological triggers each influences and its consequence on society’s perspective as a whole, with sublime grace. Therefore, I create conflictive environments, by strategically placing myself in brutal social interrogation/interventions.  I make myself vulnerable as a public display, blurring lines between confrontation, durational performance art, installations drawn in tension and video/sound compositions to play with the notion of time and place.


The body of work(s) become ugly with revealations of human behavioral gestures and savage physiclaity, that translate themselves as a reflection of our daily social interactions with one another. During the performances I achieve to internally reach points of consciousness, while extracting it from the audience, thus creating a shift of perception— impacting the audience with an awareness in the roles we play in social structure , and our significant influence and responsibility to transform ourselves beyond what we expect. 


In addition, I avoid traditional object- art relationships between the viewer, the art and myself upon exhibition. Instead I create sensory installations ranging in formless sculptures, installations, sound, and exhausting performances, for the audience to engage in the concept to its fullest potential- while creating a space between myself and the viewer. Although I combine performance, sculpture, sound or installation during the performance, the minimalistic approachallows the audience maximum understanding of a new take on Minimal Art and Performance: will theminimal art is experienced instantlyin contrast to the performative portion which requires time, space and evolution. .   



Master of Fine Arts in Curatorial Practice | Florida International University | 2016-Present | GPA 3.60

New World School of the Arts| University of Florida| 2008| Deans List